Curry’s G1 elite performance, but Warriors still need him to take on more

Golden State Warriors can enter the finals, Stephen Curry plays a very important role. Meanwhile, when Curry is resting, the team works well. Jordan Poole can control the ball, Klay Thompson has unlimited firing rights, Draymond Green participates in the offensive operation to lead the defensive end; Otto Porter, Gary Payton and other role players also take on offense and defense for a long time. The heavy lifting…most of the season, that’s enough. Curry can even rest until the final six minutes before returning to the game.

Golden State Warriors

But after G1, these are less certain, not just because of the Celtics’ defense, not just because the double-thirds spend a long time together on the court, but the Cheap NBA Jerseys Warriors need to have a sense of crisis.

Throughout the season, Curry has trusted the rotation model, believing that his teammates can get through tough times and use the time to rest. But it looks like it’s been too long on the sidelines.

“At most, we have six games left and will make the necessary adjustments,” Curry said. That’s the equivalent of being ready to play for 40 minutes, or 42/45 minutes. Against such an opponent, Curry may have to do it.

The Celtics are the Warriors’ opponents in the playoffs with the strongest defensive strength, and their defensive attack power has had a great impact on the Warriors’ offense. Despite having similar feelings against the Grizzlies, the Grizzlies still have weaknesses to exploit. Yet the Celtics are solid on the defensive end, often able to punish opponents, and it takes a firm response, a force to lean on, to beat them. The Warriors don’t have many options. So the team needs Curry even more to suppress the league’s best defense by better offense. Only star offense can disrupt the Celtics defense system.

Sunday’s game, they can not afford to lose. Considering they’ve always won away games in the series, they can comfort themselves that they still have home-court advantage. But it would be too much for them to start the series with two home losses in a row.

“It’s never fun to lose on the biggest stage,” Thompson said. “Losing hurts. But like Draymond (Green) said, there’s no reason to panic. I like our chance and we’ll go back and look back,” Thompson said. With everything that happened, I knew we were going to play better in Game 2.”

The sense of urgency is on the rise, and the Warriors can’t wait to make adjustments after the accumulation is over. They don’t have that much time, they can’t wait, their lineup can’t afford to have two non-shooters on the court for too long.

The Celtics have no shortage of tough guys on the defensive end. They get into the opponent’s jersey, constantly harass the opponent and attack the opponent’s concentration. The best way to fight aggression is tit-for-tat.