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Curry’s G1 elite performance, but Warriors still need him to take on more

Golden State Warriors can enter the finals, Stephen Curry plays a very important role. Meanwhile, when Curry is resting, the team works well. Jordan Poole can control the ball, Klay Thompson has unlimited firing rights, Draymond Green participates in the offensive operation to lead the defensive end; Otto Porter, Gary Payton and other role players also take on offense and defense for a long time. The heavy lifting…most of the season, that’s enough. Curry can even rest until the final six minutes before returning to the game.

Golden State Warriors

But after G1, these are less certain, not just because of the Celtics’ defense, not just because the double-thirds spend a long time together on the court, but the Cheap NBA Jerseys Warriors need to have a sense of crisis.

Throughout the season, Curry has trusted the rotation model, believing that his teammates can get through tough times and use the time to rest. But it looks like it’s been too long on the sidelines.

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